Meet Loren and Lindsey Wood!

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 December 14, 2011

So I wanted to start something where I ask a different member every week or so some questions, take their picture, and post it on on the blog. Well this is going to be the first one. I need to come up with a name for it though….Meet The Members, Who’s That Dude/Gal?, The HH Hero’s of the month…etc. This is where I need everyone’s input. You guys should pick the name. Leave a comment on what you think this section of the blog should be called and if I use yours you can be the next person to be interviewed!

Let’s start this off right- meet Loren & Lindsey Wood!

How long have you guys lived in Bloomington?

Lindsey- 11 Years
Loren- 15 Years

How long have you been climbing?

Lindsey- 10 years
Loren- 10 Years

What goals do you have in climbing?

Lindsey- Right now (because of pregnancy), to keep doing it.
Loren- Still be climbing trad, outside, when im in my 80’s.

What is the most valuable lesson climbing has taught you?

Lindsey- To be satisfied with my own accomplishments and where I am, and at the same time to be psyched for others for the same reason.
Loren- Humility; there is always someone stronger. Work at my own projects, towards my own goals.

What 6’6″ climber do you aspire to be like?

Lindsey- Definitely, probably, Dave Bik!
Loren- I love Jordan Garvey….Although he is a huge D.B!

Being a climbing couple…pros and cons?

Lindsey- PROS: I could always “drop him” accidentally. CONS: He could always “drop” me!
Loren- PROS: No need to make excuses about wanting to climb; we both are motivated. CONS: Sucks when your wife is stronger than you!

Thanks Guys!
Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend! Enjoy the RRG weather for all who are going down!
Cheers, Ryan!